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Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Just Say Yes...You'll Figure It Out Afterwards

Sorry for the delay in new blog posts but my life has been a bit hectic lately to say the least. I can't be too specific on the details, but last week I was given a job promotion to work for a high-profile executive at my current company. I was literally only given a 1 day notice of this position change and had to jump in with both feet last Monday.

Since then, my life has been a whirl-wind of new experiences, faces, and challenges in such a short amount of time. After my first day, I found myself running to the safety of a nearby bathroom and hyperventilating a bit...that's how nervous and stressed I was over this new opportunity. I kept thinking that I should have never said yes to taking this new job so fast, that I was completely unprepared and that my company had somehow made a mistake in choosing me as the best candidate for such a huge opportunity.

As the next couple of days passed, something weird happened. I quickly began to realize that I was able to handle this new position! Yes it was more stressful, yes it was very new, and yes I had never experienced a position like this one. However, none of those things seemed to matter once I let my skills, knowledge, and experience take over instead of my emotions. At the end of my first week, I coincidentally came across this quote by Tina Fey:

It resonated with me so much in relation to my new work life. When I first started, I mentally gave myself so many reasons for why I shouldn't say yes to this new position. Most of those reasons were formed from a simple fear of the unknown and change instead of forming from legitimate worries. Instead, I decided to say yes and figure it out afterwards. I now have a position that some people dream of having, I am taken much more seriously in my company then I was prior, and it is such an incredible career/networking opportunity!

Let this post & my experience serve as a reminder, don't ever not say yes to a new experience or opportunity simply because you're scared of the will figure it out afterwards. <3


  1. Aww this is so motivating, I'm so glad you're doing well in your job I love your videos and this blog. Keep it up!

    1. So glad you love my videos & blog!! <3

  2. I just applied to a bootcamp for learning how to program. Getting the response back this morning had me full of fear, anxiety, and doubt just due to something new and feeling overwhelmed. All they want me to do is to go observe a class and take an interview, but I'm still feeling scared and nervous. I may or may not even get accepted.

    Reading about you overcoming all the same feelings is a bringer upper though. If you can do it and experience new things to better your life, then so can I! Thanks for opening up about your current situation. :)

    1. Don't you just love when you come across something that relates to what you're going through too? :) It's completely normal to be nervous about something new. You just have to not let that interfere with you doing things that will better help you in the future! Good luck with your bootcamp, that sounds so fun!

  3. I can totally relate to this... Although sometimes saying yes is a lot harder than you would think! :) But I find myself in a situation where it is now a necessity, having moved to an area without knowing anyone, and needing to throw myself into the unknown in order to make new friends.
    Yes it is scary, but only the build-up, once the terrifying event has began, you'll most likely be fine!
    "Just say yes,
    Just say there's nothing holding you back,
    It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind,
    Only Love." - Snow Patrol. :)
    Good luck everyone, especially you Lauren with your new job! You'll do great :)

    1. Saying yes is definitely important when you move somewhere new! I used to be so anti-yes, having anxiety about saying yes to going out with people I didn't know well or even not wanting to say yes to taking a new exercise course. I HATE change & new things, so I'm working to push myself to say yes more because all that anxiety, nervousness, and fear is just in my head. =P Good luck with your new area!

  4. Glad your doing well and getting settled :) x

  5. I'm a freshman at a university, and my professors offered me to work on my first client in filming. I have no experience in anything that has to do with filming or writing. But I took your advice in jumping for it and I don't have any regrets. I feel more comfortable working with my client and her presentation. Btw I am working for a professor in philosophy, in improving for profit colleges. Thanks Lauren