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Wednesday, January 15, 2014 My Resolutions for 2014

This post comes a little late into the New Year but then again, this blog didn't even exist until two days ago! I thought it would be empowering to write down some of my resolutions for 2014 as it may keep me on track to complete them. (Otherwise now you guys can judge me if I don't) My hope is that one year from now, when I'm once again celebrating the New Year, I can look back at this blog post and feel somewhat accomplished. If for some reason I finish any of these resolutions early, I will make sure to come back to this post to cross them out and update the goal:

1. Save More & Spend Less
2. Finish Decorating my Apartment
3. Hit 25,000 Subscribers on YouTube
4. Read at Least 7 Books
5. Finish the Story Idea for my Novel
6. Create my First Graphic Print
7. Do Something Relaxing at Least Once A Week
8. Be More Fashionable at Work
9. Carry my DSLR Camera More Often

Notice that none of my resolutions revolve around exercise or losing weight like the majority of people. Honestly, I never understood the obsession with having that be your New Years resolution. Most people spend their whole year wishing they were happier with their bodies so why waste your resolution on it too? I like to think of New Years resolutions as a time to think about your life in a way that you haven't all year and pick out ways to better yourself instead of just your physical features.

What were your resolutions for 2014? How are you doing with keeping them so far?

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