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Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Things I Accomplished in 2013...

One great thing about Instagram (besides showing people how good I look & the awesome food I'm eating) is being able to easily look back in time. It's crazy realizing how much has changed and how much you've experienced over the course of only 365 days! So many people start their new year off with a new list of things to accomplish but often forget to look back over the previous year first to marvel in what they managed to achieve. Here are some of the things I accomplished in 2013, realized through Instagram photos:

Natural Beauty: At the end of this year, I'm happy to say that I've finally embraced some elements of my natural beauty instead of trying to change them. I brought back my natural hair color instead of continuing to dye it darker, I got rid of my side bangs that I've had for so long because I thought they made my forehead smaller, and I started letting my hair dry naturally wavy instead of spending hours straightening it. I've also lessened my everyday eye makeup to look more natural and brighter. It's amazing to feel sexy and beautiful whilst also gaining the confidence that it's all natural!

Nerdy Side: I've always been a bit nerdy in my interests but felt like I had to suppress that part of my personality in high school, college, and work to be taken seriously. However, this year I've finally stopped hiding it so much. Starting my YouTube channel definitely helped with expressing these nerdy interests more and having a boyfriend who shares in those same interests.

Veggies: I made a conscious effort to make more vegan and vegetarian food choices this year. I still had seafood from time to time and even the occasional chicken or turkey once or twice a month, but I'm so glad I've gotten strong enough to pick healthier and friendlier meals constantly.

Moved: After living in NYC for almost 5 years, I finally made the decision to move out. I still travel into the city everyday for work but I am so happy to be able to leave the craziness once 6pm rolls around. I never thought I would like living in New Jersey, but I'm really enjoying it so far! It's cheaper, cleaner, quieter, and there's grass! I will always love the city and cherish the years that I lived there, but I'm so glad I finally made the move!

Famous People: Every year I like to recount the famous people I met or saw. This year, I got to meet and take a picture with Hulk Hogan, saw Dane Cook do stand up, saw The Killers perform live (twice), and saw Joel McHale do stand up. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anyone!

Adventure: I had a few new adventures this year and one of my favorites was trying dog sledding for the first time. I was always on the fence about feeling bad for the dogs who pulled sleds, but the kennel we visited changed my mind. The dogs there seemed to be living the dream and got so excited when they were picked to be a part of the sled team. I had lots of other adventures this year but that's the one that sticks out most in my mind.

Party: I've learned the value of having a few close friends rather then a bunch of friends. I used to have a ton of friends who I went out with almost every night to drink and have a good time. Lately, I maybe do this once every two months and this year I learned to be okay with that. I used to be sad that I don't have as much time to go out with my friends because we're all busy, but now I cherish the times we do have together. This photo was taken at my good friend's birthday party where we had a mini college reunion with our friends and it was so much fun!

Love: Last but not least, my love grew even more for my boyfriend and puppy this year. We celebrated Dexter's first birthday in June but he's still a puppy to me! Through my late YouTube editing nights, my boyfriend has been super supportive and understanding which has made me appreciate him even more. Almost every fun memory I have of this year includes him and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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