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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 Snow Day Thoughts: The Little Things

Yesterday, I enjoyed my first snow day as an adult EVER! My corporate office was still open causing many of my coworkers to make the snowy excursion into work, but as soon as I opened my windows to the white wonderland outside I said to myself...nope. Taking into account the non-stop sliding of my front-wheel drive car on the poorly plowed roads, the inevitable delayed/rerouted trains, and eventually coming home to dig out my car from the un-plowed commuter parking lot, I decided the odds were in my favor to stay home for once. I have adventured through the elements before to get to work, but yesterday something told me not to for once.

While my idea of a perfect adult snow day was sitting warm and cozy inside my apartment, my dog's idea of a perfect snow day was being outside every few hours to run in it. After reluctantly getting up off my comfortable spot on the couch, throwing on my layers of snow gear, and wondering how much lazier my life could be if I wasn't a dog owner, we traveled outside to the accumulating winter wonderland. As soon as we got outside, excitement (which can also be viewed as mild insanity) came over my dog, and in that moment I once again remembered why you should appreciate the little things in life. It's such an odd experience to have a dog (or a child) remind you of all the simple things in this world that are worth taking the time to enjoy.

So many of us see snow as an annoyance, whereas a dog or a child would see it as an excitement. Dogs and children love the simple things that we often forget being so busy in life. My dog is a constant reminder to take the time to get away from my cyber world and enjoy the outdoors, to appreciate someone simply being around, and of course to appreciate a great meal when you get one! It's the beginning of February, and you may be sick of the snow by now and wishing it away. Instead, try to appreciate it's beauty when you can, realize how quiet it makes the rest of the world around you, and if you have a dog to throw a snowball around with...even better.