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Friday, February 14, 2014 LaurenzSide of Books: The Shining by Stephen King

Being that I have a love of writing, one would assume that I also have a love of reading. I don't feel complete on a day-to-day basis unless I have a new book loaded up on my iPad mini to read in my spare time. I felt compelled to write a post regarding the latest book I finished: Stephen King's "The Shining". Originally I had no interest in reading the well-known novel because I had already seen the film which (I thought) would ruin the story's mystery. However, when King recently released "Doctor Sleep", I figured I had to finally read "The Shining" in order to appreciate it's sequel. I am so glad that I did! I won't ruin the book for those of you who haven't read it, but it is very different from the film adaptation. It has even made it to my list of "all-time favorite reads" which only holds a handful of books that I've read over the years! The book had a completely different ending from the movie (which I actually enjoyed better), the characters were much more likable, and the explanation of 'shining' is much more in depth.

When I love a book, it's usually because there's a truth within it that resonates with me in my life. One quote in particular really hit me in a way I wasn't expecting:

"A lot of folks, they got a little bit of shine to them. They don't even know it. But they always seem to show up with flowers when their wives are feelin' blue with the monthlies, they do good on school tests they don't even study for, they got a good idea how people are feelin' as soon as they walk into a room. I come across fifty or sixty like that. But maybe only a dozen, countin' my Gram, that knew they was shinin'." - Stephen King, The Shining

In the novel, Dick Hallorann recited this line to Danny Torrance after revealing to him that other people have these special "senses" that he has. Although the line was describing a sort of "super power" that does not exist in the real world, I felt like he was describing me in a way. I have always felt that I understood people's feelings much more then anyone else. I can sense when complete strangers are sad even without them showing it, I often think of things that are going to happen before they do, and I even used to do well on tests I didn't study for! Maybe others feel the same, but I loved the fact that this 'sense' was portrayed a sort of 'power' in this novel.

I also think that I read "The Shining" at the perfect point in my life to truly appreciate it because I found that one of the story's themes was about feeling alone in the world. (As in the Torrance family being isolated from the outside world snowed in the Overlook) I myself don't necessarily feel alone in the world, but I do feel disconnected with it lately.

"Tough old world, baby. If you're not bolted together tightly, you're gonna shake, rattle, and roll before you turn thirty." - Stephen King, The Shining

"That's your job in this hard world, to keep your love alive and see that you get on, no matter what. Pull your act together and just go on." - Stephen King, The Shining

I feel like what people value in today's world don't match up with my own. It often makes me feel discouraged and even isolated at times. This book reminded me that I just need to keep my love alive in order to go on. My love of my family, friends, boyfriend, and dog. My love of music, art, and video creation. My love of emotions, laughter, and knowledge. As long as I keep those alive in my mind, the rest of the world won't ever be too tough for me to handle.

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  1. How did you make the banner at the top of the blog? Btw i love your videos! :)